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Bucket List: Why Every Woman Should Do A Boudoir Session At Least Once In Their Life

When it comes to taking boudoir pictures, the general consensus — among friends, family, and even our local sex advice columnist — is that you MUST. NOT. DO IT. In the wake of celebrity sex tapes and teenage sexting scandals, the very existence of boudoir photos makes mortification for their subject seem like a foregone conclusion. And if you tell someone you're thinking of taking much of your clothes off in the vicinity of a camera, they'll probably respond by telling you all the reasons should never, ever be dressed like that on film.

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12 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Photo Session

Boudoir photo shoots are getting more popular than ever before, and it’s really no surprise. In the times of selfies, sexting, and Instagram modeling, being scantily dressed has never been more glamorous or more appreciated.

The problem with boudoir photos is that most people think that they are something that only the super thin, youthful, and glitzy models of Hollywood should do. This is just not true anymore!

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Do A Boudior Shoot

When discussing what we do and talking about our boudoir photo shoots, we hear every excuse in the book why women don't want to do it.

 Every woman who has overcome their excuses, without exception, has said it was one of the best experiences they've ever had and exclaim how beautiful they look, how it boosted their self-confidence and made them feel empowered. 

We've compiled a list of the top 10 reasons (i.e. excuses!) we hear most often from women about why they will not / should not / or cannot do a boudoir shoot.

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5 Myths about Boudoir Photography

Every industry has its myths, and boudoir photography is no different. With ever-evolving styles and different photographic visions, it can be hard to know what’s true and what’s fiction. But you don’t have to keep wondering about which is which. Here are five myths about boudoir photography, debunked.

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U.S. Gymnastics Olympian Aly Raisman


Aly Raisman makes a powerful statement with nude Sports Illustrated photo shoot.

 Women do not have to be modest to be respected 

Aly Raisman is using a nude photo shoot for Sports Illustrated's 2018 swimsuit issue to make a statement about abuse, female empowerment and other topics that are close to the Olympian's heart.

For Raisman's shoot, the Olympian had words like "FIERCE", "SURVIVOR" and "ABUSE IS NEVER OK" painted on her.

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